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You Got Nerves Lyrics

You Got Nerves Lyrics by SISTA AFIA

She got nerves yes
She she got nerves

Asem k3se3 b3si a
3na y3de frankaa si so
Last warning! 
Ahaa! )w) nerves

Ohemaa, gyina nky3n w’ate

Mefiti kurotia na meho agye fie
Meb) rap no tes3 ampesie
Me’nkwalaa no’se mengyae asisie ha!
)mo se Sista Afia ad3n na meha adwen saa?

)no saa chick no
Neto feaa tes3 Vodafone chip no
Chale slay nation diss trip no
Mop3 hit a, mame nkyer3 mo trick no

I’m a go getter
Singer, me punch s3 May Weather
Punch on point, adey do better
Ky3n saa rapper na wahyehy3 s3
Beef beggar Yeei!

Court rise, Judge ni obi nkyer3 yogozina
S3 )ngyae gyimii
Nas3 body na y3de rap’i a nka wodi bem
Na 3ba no punchline dea a, Ohemaa wontumi

)didi a, na ode ada
Lazy a*s rapper, wode afa
How can you compare yourself to Queen Solomon
Next year 3wos3 wok) di asa

That be where you dey fit in
Wohu me a, see the way
You dey breath in wo starti rap 3ny3 nn3
Anka wo woo y3a, nka wo first born anya 15

Filla oo filla filla
3y3 hwan na y3b3ka ne filla yi,
wofiri ade3, wo sign’e deal
y3de woy3 travel and tour oh
I’m sorry baby, 3b3fa

Yo, nansa yi m’ama girls no ay3 hyper
)mo ntumi nka me fis3 mey3 viper
Memaa mo hype, moantumi an’use
No yie nti next time mob3tua ka

Hwan n’3se mey3 fake no
Hwan n’3se )’compare woho 3foo
Meno meny3 rapper
Nti I’m not trying to make sense
Abayifo) no ama m’as) incense

Next time s3 wobu nkotodwe a mey3
Goddess nti kas3
In the name of Sista Afia
Me be the baddest, K)bisa the Highest

See me in the air na who be the flyers
Cardi-B nua poloo, gyae gyimii
Na m’ankas3 woy3 kolo’ o
Nti wo dissi mea mey3 okay
We on the gram, ade3 kye a, m3 follow wo

Hw3, wop3 meho news a
bra menky3n na memma wo filla no
w’ate ase3
Bribe fo) no, fa )mo sika k)ma )mo

Now shame on you
Anybody tryna link this beat to bestie
And cause confusion
)mo ns)) meso (Hahaaha)

Mete me baabi a me’dwene
Me haters ayeyere s3 toa’ntini
Mew) power, mey3 ghost
Woy3 rot’ ni, montumi me
Wogyimi a, m’bow

B)) ‘metuo bagaga
3mbie w’ano bagayaa
3ny3 saa, m3saka, y3 din ne w’akata
Me nnwom no y3 treat to you bad
Bad b!tch mey3 sinbad

Welcome to Ghana, B!tches
Shout out to all the realest 
Girls in this industry men...


About You Got Nerves

Album : You Got Nerves (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 05 , 2020

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