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True To One's Color Lyrics

True To One's Color Lyrics by SIRIUS

I haven't seen rain in a couple summer 
Its funny i ain't laughing cause it ain't no drama
Kids ain't going to school anymore they catch it unworthy just full of trauma
They working hard we working double hard cause we want full karma
Its vulnific when they shun us of our skin color 
I got my brothers in the street
I got my sisters in the streets tryna make it out going against the ox the ox going against one's flesh and blood 
It ain't hood in the hood it ain't good when my skin ain't good 
Nepotism makes educated feel segregated that's facts 
We still remain outdated cause our vision and eyes are defected thats profound but they don't care in pro finding

Where we going with no eyes at all
Where we going with no eyes at all
Where we going with no eyes at all

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About True To One's Color

Album : True To One's Color (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Brian Stoddart
Published : May 31 , 2021

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