Violence (Ghana Way) Lyrics by SHATTA WALE

Original not the fake one
Y3 de nyom wei b3 di Easter 
After I diss you go diss am 
I swear to God this time you go miss am 

Deportee m33 gbengbenene
Asante kotoko po haal3 sele 
Omo’ay3 aah omo’ay3 aah 
Y3 duru o y3 duru o ei eiiii

My guy charle I know your routine 
W’adwene tum te s3 sudin
You dey lack manpower b3 gye ginseng 
Me ma wo lyrical biology schooling 

Tsuns) kurobo weed no ad)so dodo
Y3 hyi but de3 3ka )mo nyinaa ne
Born 1 born 2 born 3 football team 
S3 wo w) nyansa aah k) kyer3 ade3 w) legon 
Gimpa girl bi see w’amotuom b)n 
3y3 ampa? 3y3 as3m bisaa 

Y3 p3 violence eyy eyyyyyy 
I say Samini no get talent eyy eyy
Y3 p3 violence eyy eyyyyy 
I say Samini no get talent eyy eyy

W)n taw) sika b3 )ntaw) 
Ttw3 tw3 tw3 tw3 tw3
Niwor hey mansion )ntaw) award 
Wo tw3 wo tw3 wo tw3

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About Violence (Ghana Way)

Album : Violence (Ghana Way) (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 25 , 2021



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