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UN General Announcement Lyrics

UN General Announcement Lyrics by SHATTA WALE

1Don 1Man 1Stand 
(SM) Prrrr

Fix it, fix it dat was ah deep shit
Mi nuh inna brag mi seh fuck all your kinship
Listen, mi this, automatic dissing
Diss Korlegono then mi ah go diss your DC

Mi create it, you watch it
Mi drop all de hit shits
Memba you was a target always pon mi hit list
Assassin mi snipe you 2006
I am your beast so you can call me your 6666

You tweet and you think mi nuh go respond
No bullet inna your head mi gi you diss song
Man was born a Shatta, daddy never bishop
Referee seh Shatta duss kick off

See dis tico want to crash this tipper
Longtime mi wipe you off like sticker
Sympathy fans so dem call you super
All that ah bitter

Think seh you affi go back to cerelac
Sit inna baby court start all over
Find another career maybe korliba
Or walan to walansa-walan to walansa

Samini come again
Wala to walansa
Wala to walansa
Im full of shit you know that

Wala to walansa
Wala to walansa
Wala to walansa

Im coming back if you come back with some fuckery
You see what Shatta do you
Hehehehe, I'm sorry
Olu im sorry, ahahhahahah

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About UN General Announcement

Album : UN General Announcement (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021 SM Movement.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 23 , 2021



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