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UN General Announcement 2 Lyrics

UN General Announcement 2 Lyrics by SHATTA WALE

1Don 1Man 1Stand 
Beat bwoy with another one 
To the funny man and the funny son 
Long time mi tell dem some bwoy just a horry cumup 
Dem nah hard like rock soft like doughnut 

From mi seh 1Don dem start do di drama 
See mi a di Director now Kobby Rana
Building from scratch hallelujah hosanna
Now we a govern so call me your Nana 

Long time Daddy Tell me you mussi a planner
Sell out 02 arena ask akwaaba 
Wi nah fake life when we pull up Issa rover 
Wi nah brag wi a motivate praises to Jehovah 

Dream too big so the faker dem depart 
Man is a walking trophy mi nah need award
Mi know who mi is mi nah move like coward
Man is a soldier mi nah used to di sword
Clap wi a clap when wi step inna dem block 
Dream too big cyaan ship it to abroad 

Tell wholla dem my ting too lethal 
Tell dem fe stop chat wi never equal 
My war come like a movie Steven Seagal 
My shotgun sing like Justin Bieber 

Cyaan dead fe dem like Christ 
Black out a eye if a man throw a sign 
Wi a disrespect cyaan polite 
If dem ever cross the line white line turn red 

Dem never been to war but dem seh dem addi warrior 
Netflix movie make dem feel like dem horror 
Mi ago show them this life you cyaan borrow 
Care bout mi happiness fuck your sorrows 
Dem never know tomorrow buh mi cyan see tomorrow 
Like dem brain too shallow 

Anything we do demma go do same huh
That is the power of a Don 
Sons of eve cyaan fool mi Adam 
Shatta Movement Strong like Ramadan 

Anytime mi spot a ting 
Mi take mi ting fuck tings
Anytime mi make a tip
Mi feel strong like some adrenaline 

Memba mi learn this ting
From one teacher weh come from Jamaica 
Adidja Palmer di ruler of Gaza
Him seh we jus affi skate pon dem mind ya
From wi seh SM JA seh Gaza Gaza 

20 years now demma race 
Never understand why wi still have di space 
Cyaan see it show pon dem face
If mi was food dem never have taste 
If my name was space 
Mi ago put dem inna ground like maize

So it’s like this 
Make me memba those days 
Freestyle inna every corner 
Move from place to place 

Yo shatta Wale a you set this trend a
And a you set it up fe everybody  zeemi
Dancehall is not for one person my dawg 
Dancehall is for all a we enuh 
Understand di culture 
Mad !

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About UN General Announcement 2

Album : UN General Announcement 2 (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021 SM Movement.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 25 , 2021



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