Dweet Dirty Lyrics by SHATTA WALE

From one year wey man start sing
Me tell'em say me nuh inna hype hyoe thing
2020 we pile up the money
African Dancehall King

One more touch dem 
Dweet dirty dweet dirty
When they touch dem
Dweet dirty dweet dirty

Spanish don touch 
Dweet dirty dweet dirty
Nima youth
Dweet dirty dweet dirty

And me Spanish girl
Dweet dirty dweet dirty
Jamaican girl
Dweet dirty dweet dirty

Ghanaian girl
Dweet dirty dweet dirty
Italian girl
Dweet dirty dweet dirty

Black pon me waist
Me nuh care about no fedy
Man still turn dirty
Only me thugs dem ready
Anytime unuh ready

Me nuh care about your feelings
Boy unuh too pretty
When we take a temperament
The mark we affi make
We broke a leg shot man ah dead

Marti price dem go see
Whole heaper dem
Dem start to 'afraid'
Dem no bad dem only sing inna
Dem song me nuh fraid

Dem nuh showing me love
So we showing them war
R.I.P to me thugs
Then we fight for all....

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About Dweet Dirty

Album : Dweet Dirty (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 16 , 2020



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