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Abnormal Temperature Lyrics

Abnormal Temperature Lyrics by SHATTA WALE

Too many talks 
Too many men in here weh nah have di balls
Mi seh too many calls 
Some a dem even cyaan walk up to mi door 
As dem close the doors we open 
Scars dem never forgotten 
Dem want the system fe lock me 
Man fight giants me nah fight pssy
Love sky dive and parachuting 
Wholla dem soft see dem like tussles 
Waste your life mi come abuse it 
Brain so cold abnormal temperature 
Man a nightmare fe every evil creature 

Mi sting scorpion gi it a itcher 
Man above sea level see man deeper 
Heart too clean than a new white sneaker 
Sieve man loud better than every speaker 
Memba no man can curse the preacher 
A lie demma lie nobody see Jah picture
Watch yah

Dem try to sabotage so me show dem arrogance 
Dem never know me grow too bad 
Dem never know who is diss Lord 
Me nah take another man diss 
Nuh never try that 
Me nah fight with a brain mantis 
Nuh man a gangster 
Pull up I pull up 
One man alone dus pull up 
If a shoot out a shoot out 
My 45 nah cool off 
Do this every Saturday night 
Mi nah care if a day-light 
Buss dem head when dem try fe cross di way 
My cappa shot never stray 
Pray you ago see another day 
All the things you say deaf to mi ears 
Unno see *constantly* man a blessed 
See that loyalty pon mi chest 

Every day and night
When I think of the things dem do to me yeah 
I always smile 
I keep up di smile 
Dem get too surprised 
How di I jus a wear dis ice 
Inna di look inna dem eyes 
Mi see so many people frighten 
Nuh pssy cyaan step pon we ting yuh know 
Cuh aso we grow yuh know 
A money makers we is yuh know 
A nuh jokers we is yuh know 
We come show dem seh a real smoke life we a live 
Addi reason we a live with di smokers 


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About Abnormal Temperature

Album : Abnormal Temperature (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 17 , 2022



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