English Translation For Pona Nga by SHADDAÏ NDOMBAXE

[Shaddai Ndombaxe]
You left your throne
You left the glory
You came down to earth
You became flesh
All that for me

Jesus your love is inexplicable
I can't say how I love you daddy
For love you gave yourself, you saved me
You loved me yahweh yahweh
Your coming changed the story of my life
Faced with the riches of the world, Lord, you did not hesitate to give
Until the last drop of your blood for me oh oh

[Rosny Kayiba]
That's why I decided in my life that you
May no other love take your place in my life
Cause where you took me no one could look at me
I myself found myself disgusting
But a holy God like you has decided to die on the Cross for me
What can I give you, what can I say
Only your love satisfied my heart

[Shaddai.N & Rosny.K]
You did not have the same eyes as men Lord you did not judge me
Where men condemned me you sympathized
On several occasions you proved your love to me
That's why I chose you! Reign forever!

You left your throne
You left the glory
You came down to earth
You made yourself dear
All that for me
You left your throne
You left the glory
You came down to earth
You made yourself dear
All that for me

[Shaddai.N & Rosny.K]
We gathered in this place to sing to you
Words bubble in our hearts
We tried to hide them but in vain um
This is why we bring you a Hallelujah song
(Hallelujah Hosanna)
Alleluia hosanna, Alleluia na papa
The words in my mouth don't stop
The words in my heart are not lacking
Let me worship your holy name
Let me praise you my lord
You are my strength
You are the hope of my heart
Because you deserve worship
You deserve my praise
Let me adore you my daddy!
Let me praise you my Jesus

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About Pona Nga

Album : Pona Nga (Single),
Release Year : 2020
Added By: Farida
Published: Sep 09 , 2020


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