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Nuh nuh nuh nuh 
Nuh nuh nuh nuh 
Dem cyan do, cyan nuh nuh nuh
Bring dem come (Cyan do)
Boy cyan do

Uno hear mi seh shot pointed boy
Simply means seh bagga foolishness
Affi stop wen I reach
Fan fooler shut up when I speak
(Shut up when I speak)

Dutty stinking mouth
Ago eat back yuh feaces again
Don't make me do this again yh
Smartphone dem affi press record
C'mon and cuh mi weh magni mi set de record
Veteran no need no caution
Lyrically mi my youth deh fi take precaution

Ah mean take out de "D" from de tin
And replace it wid de "J"
Vibes like shot dema spray tru de "K"
If ah war war war den it dey 1King inna de place

Cyan show me, cyan show me 
Cyan show me, cyan show me nothing
Onyo chomi, onyo chomi
Onyo chomi, onyo chomi nokooo

1 Jon you be fan fooler
1 jon allo fan fooler
1 jon ki fan fooler
Allo Shatter everbody know 


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About 1Jon

Album : 1Jon (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 25 , 2021

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