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Hey pato
I ain’t go to level ten yet

Yea yea
Eyes close
Buzz in
Brown skin
Is what i’m
Oh man
She be
On some
Patrol  mehn
She be popping
With the whole fam

Yea she riding with the gang
She so acting like a fam
Gat me popping with them xanz
Do drug , get you on somethings
But I’m sticking with the greens
Light it up and then we sing
Eyes loaded doesn’t blink
Gat me thinking about some shit
Gat me thinking about some shit
I’mma put it in this piece
I go north , you go east
Like I’m a king
I stay shining with no blings
Call me snickers love those wings
Call me snickers love those wings
I pull up with that ,amazing...

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About Cloxds

Album : Cloxds (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Pxma
Published : Apr 19 , 2021

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