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We Won't Stop Lyrics

We Won't Stop Lyrics by PULSE SA

 Yes we gotta make it to the top
Hello haters am on my way up
Me and the gang ntwana yami asdlali
Bsuku nasemini shlale sphuspani
I got two sisters right on my family
Gotta make it happen so my mama can be happy
I've been tripping in studio with my niggas roll a blunt
Hello hater now am back I've been standing in the dust
Yeah we slime(yeah we slime)
Yeah x3We gotta make it nigga to the top
We'll never stop
We came up from the mud
Yeah we going up
We going up
We came up from the mud
Yeah we slime
Yeah we slime
WIth my niggas roll a blunt
We going up
We came up from the mud
Yeah we slime
Yeah we slime

Pop out i got 3'5 in a rolly
I'ma get blings and the rolliey
I got 20milli i ain't braggin
I got 2'5 in the coffin
Don't tell just keep on stalling
Need bail just keep on holding
Teas pain just keep on smokin'
He tells just book any casket
He scared release a bullet
Believe me or not
I'm shinin' like wow
Seeing me in the sky see me up high they'll be like how
Glitter on my chest. Freezin' my neck it's frostin my heart
Need no chic be wastin' my time
Told momma I'ma get her house
In't wastin no time
I'm getting my chances now way in't missing my shot
I'ma bling with them stars
See me aimin' up huh!
I'm switchin' like how brvh
I'm no longer lil' nigga with suit and ties
I'm sorry grandma
(I'm a demon that's pray to god)

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About We Won't Stop

Album : We Won't Stop (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Lindani
Published : Jul 06 , 2021

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