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Olorun Mi (You are God) Lyrics

Olorun Mi (You are God) Lyrics by PSALMSON ALLOTEY

You are God,You are God
You are the eyes I use to see.
You are the key that opens all doors
You are the owner of My soul
The bush that burnt and never consumes
What shall I render to You Oh Lord?
I will bow down and worship Your name
You are God!
Olorun Mi Olorun Mi
Iwo l’Oju ti mo fi n’riran
Iwo ni kokoro ti mo fi n’silekun
Iwo l’orin ti mo nko
Ina aiye O je ko jo mi
Kini mo ni ti mo le mu wa fun o
Mo wole, Mo yin o Baba
Olorun mi

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About Olorun Mi (You are God)

Album : Psalmson Allotey (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Psalmson Allotey
Published : Jun 14 , 2021



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