7TH KING (Freestyle) Lyrics


7TH KING (Freestyle) Lyrics

Haha, Yeah, Yeah Yeah 
Stack wreck time nigga Haha 
Y'all already know 
Some Freestyle shit. Hahaha!!! 

Am a king to their asses 
Don't mess with me, niqqa fuck your Ex's 
We be fucking, now we watch Netflix 
I fuck bitches now check my next list 
I cremate you then turn you into ashes 
Ashes to ashes, blood money, that's where cash is 
If you snitch, you get backlashes 
I can kill , but on beat, am part of ISIS 
Yeah, kingpin with the fucking ring 
Pass the crown , nigga am your fucking king 
I can rap tho but you know i can fucking sing 
Am a bad nigga, i can do everything 

Well, just take it like that 
Good girl keep sucking like that 
Deezy nation, take the combination 
Frustration , sophistication 
Niggas start masturbating 
7th king, i keep rolling 
Getting better, i keep growing 
My rhyme is tight, keep flowing 
Am in a beast mode 
I fuck bitches with my eyes close 
Never ever 
Don't call me your lover 
Things left unsaid stays forever 
Do the salsa or Quinceañera 
Switch flows like a beast 
Am from the north heading to the east 
Rocking all white like a priest 
You a dead body, lets have a feast 

Nigga! Hahah 
This your boy Gee Gh 
Fuck ya niggas 
Nigga am a monster, don't play with me nigga 
Cause sometime when nigga hold it down 
Like, you know, y'all already know how we do it 
So, like we be rocking, we be popping shit 
Nigga! See sometimes niggas don't know we rap nigga 
We got bars and shit, yeah we rocking nigga 
My nigga Papito behind the shit 
Fuck ya niggas bro! Hahah


PRINCE SANI GEE (6 lyrics)

Popularly known by my stage name Prince Sani Gee Gh, from the Northern Region but was born in Kumasi and have spent most of lifetime there so could be identified as a Tema boy. Music has been part of him since he was born and when he being asked the type of music he does he will say he do real...

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