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Mmiri Mara ma oo
Mara ma na owuteghi m
Ebe nnacho obim ooo, obim chere my ooo
A hakwala m

Mmiri ma ma ma
Ebe nna cho obim oo

Awu tirim a ti
Ebe nna cho obim oo
Mmiri mara ma na owutegin m
If I make money, na me and you go spend am
If I make owo na me and you go chop am

I leave you go obodo oyibo ka m ga
Bute ike, mbata eme ife ka esi eme eeee
Go tellu ma baby say am coming home
Go tell my asa say am coming home

Cos e no easy at all to get a fine baby
Ife dimma rie mu ego
I geti one baby I no go callu her name
My baby sabi cook ooo, my baby sabi dress ooo
My baby sabi sweep ooo, my baby no be slay queen

Me and you
We go born Kong's and queens
Me and you
We go born prince and princess
Me and you together, together forever
Ooooh baby ife dimma rie mu ego omara mma

About Obim

Album : Obim (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Dec 18 , 2020

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