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Inner Peace Lyrics

Inner Peace Lyrics by PAZZOS BI

Man is born innocent, man
Such a creature of God, God of love
Since his childhood, God has created him free
Very sociable is the child
Too much freedom during the childhood time
Love without distinction
Joy without hypocrisy
A look without jealousy
An open worldview
With just ...

Inner peace (Inner peace),
source of love
Inner peace (Inner peace),
source of justice
Inner peace (Inner peace),
source of truth
source of forgiveness

Studies after studies
Diplomas and doctorates
Tell me what was taught to you
Tell me what you learned
Have you studied love?
Tell me if you have learned the truth
Have you really focused on forgiveness?
How do you practice justice?
Tell me how you live out the freedom
What did you study?

Man is a citizen of the world
Everyone has his place in the world
The earth is a home for everyone
You think you're rich, yet someone is richer than you
You think you're poor, yet someone else is poorer than you
In America there is power
In Europe there is power
In Africa there is power
In Asia there is power
In Oceania there is power
He is the only God, the Almighty ...


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About Inner Peace

Album : Inner Peace (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Lacsap
Published : Jan 29 , 2021

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