Nobody Lyrics by PAYPER

Best Rapper In Nigeria? You a nobody
Who in here a fan of Kaligraph? Nobody
You tryna shit on everybody to be somebody?
Well We got Rappers and you don’t want it with nobody
This an enquiry I’m asking if you’re sure about it
The last time they got me mad I left the scene with 4 bodies
Ask VEC and Vader the wild card
Thou shall not cross thy path I’m like God

Oh i see, you’ve been moving with Judas
Let’s get one thing straight I’m not cool with the rulers
You know my vibe raid the palace come through with intruders
Them bullets music to your ears Might get Buju to do it
This stunt of yours, I’m wondering who pushed you to do it
We hard body Ford tough we don’t move with the Buicks
The other guy would be late to respond
Need you to understand you go against the country you facing the Don

You think we weak and our industry’s a Gold rush
Instead of sending shots at us you should show love
I dare you to respond if you so tough
This is Anfield you’ll never get a win on the home turf
Pick an opponent stop teasing up the whole house
First one to hop out for the drama if it goes south
As for those other guys!
Well make I no shout
Dissing everybody is part of the roll out

I’m off that back to Kaligraph
There’s no point asking how you feel
I’m sure you’ll fail the polygraph
You got smoke then the Don want it
You signed up for all of these and
I’m just praying you don’t run from it
Don’t tamper justice with mercy homie I’m very strict
You got the plaque pretty cool but we the MVPs
Do you dirty when they see you know you had it bad
Strangle Kaligraph with a fanny pack
The disrespect is what I’m handing back
Plus whoever gets involved i guarantee
You’ll get your granny snatched
Are you proud of this?
You wanna chase clout?
Fine! Do your thing but leave us out of it

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About Nobody

Album : Nobody (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Jan 16 , 2020

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