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Through Da Streets Lyrics

Through Da Streets Lyrics by PAPISNOOP

Alaga adugbo
Kini major
O spiiiiiiisinle

Ati shishe ati cashout
Mo lo school but mo drop out
Awn obi mi try gan but kosi fun hand out
Mo gba ona street lo
Kin le connect kin de reach out
Mo sha ma fo fun failure
Street lo fun mi pass mark
Wo !!
Mo jara mo ishe mo wo town(wo town)
Mo laju le Mo de wo crown (ba crown)
Igboro lo de mi l’ade you can’t fuck with me
Jo mo ti gba ade gown Mo ? On my wrist
Me and my gees we getting the pees
You suddenly paying attention am easily caring at ease

Living my life now won fe fi ogun fa mi wale
Elo la ti pa e lon fi popo wa wa wale
Esu fe minister esu fe di preacher now
Emi omo ogbon mo kana mo ja won wa le
I just wanna make mama proud(ma proud)
Awon adugbo e ma wo crown(wo crown)
?? Kosi loro wa jo Edakun e ba mi yi loud

Oro po ninu iwe kobo toripe a fe di eyan
Kadara odugba who to put the blame on
Bobo de lagun you are right mi o ja mo
Eje mi eje mi ishan lo ma n sho mo
So many ups and down
So many smiles and frowns
?? My niggers so we go dey ball around
Dem don dey feel us now
Dem don dey hate us now
You get all my shits ? You don’t wanna fuxk around
Zanku team here we again (again)
This bitches want to bang( we bang)
Won ti ru cash at hand ati money in the bank
Zanku team here we again (again)
This bitches want to bang (we bang)
Won ti ru cash at hand ati money in the bank

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About Through Da Streets

Album : Through Da Streets (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Preslie Nzobou
Published : Feb 26 , 2020


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