Warlords Lyrics by OLAMIDE

Am in chains am in chains
You can lock a prisoner
I feed my fears to the dogs
Nothing else can pull me down
No pain no gain for me
I just wanna be me

My heart and my soul they keep running
My brain and my thoughts are so many
I mop and I grind while they yawning
Nights or in the morning the fire will keep burning
Yo heaven  close inna burn me
Squeeze in with the lids so sharpened
Ah like the edges of the samurai sword
Am trapped in between
Yo I was shotting  for the moon
Got a glimpse of the sun that got my eyes bleeding
Wo but it’s can’t be blood cos the way it hurts oh my fucking god
She feels like a piercing through my eyeballs  and my lids
Like fragments of broken glasses
The shit got me craving for peace  

Na turn on the switch
? ine le ji go flip o the script
Open up my voice kain hit e the pitch nwa
Hustle hard and take the broke nigger bitch
No joy men nwele no joy
Grow up in trenches where we play with aks but never toys
Mama say loose everything but never loose your focus
Ma mu na gi e welu n nwa a po la mu your home boy
Life happens I don o na dika film
I been tagged a loser but it’s my choice to win
E fe di ma mu na chi m a bia kwa inbetween
You that have been  bossing ozigbo ozigbo m hit the scene
I started from the low low m gbafe nwa  were logo
Onitsha ka magic cashing out ko lotto
O crush na my motor si no chi se m photo
E fe o chulu bu dodo
And I know you know so know so

Eh eh this is natural
I don foresee many natural
Why everybody acting like they own the world
I don’t need nobody homie I am the one
Ah oh I go back to bed
They got guns I got money in my arsenal
Boy checkmate money for a living now
I don’t let nobody ever bring me down
I see niggers opposing me
And when dey can’t overcome me they still posing  in
Oh damn shorty only love me when the money in
I just pray my friends are not friends but my enemies

They don’t gimme but I take it
Oh they don’t gimme but I take it
I say the reason why everybody hate me
Jesus gat enemies I gat the same shit yo

Woke up this morning feeling like fog
My mama called to tell me she misses me like the last ?
Who would have  thought that boy in elementary school
O ju na ayachi a bu ana yo zi when you coming home
Ah believe in honesty ??
If you ever heard of me I think I turned out to be everything  
This modafucker said I wouldn’t be
Shagalia Alhaji na chuzi efi he he he
Now this  ?na ewe m ezi gbu iwe
Sliding knife inner the cake I go chook am for your face
I think I will always stay in office cos am too legit to quit
Am to legit to quit am the best and still ready to be
Theoretically all this muggers still babies to me
Hands stretched out like there something am trying to reach
There something in my jeans the popo trying to get
My confidence and shit
This keep it in the music like

They don’t gimme but I take it
Oh they don’t gimme but I take it
I say the reason why everybody hate me
Jesus gat enemies I gat the same shit yo

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About Warlords

Album : 999 (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : © 2020 YBNL NATION
Added By : Regee
Published : Feb 11 , 2020

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