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Watchman Lyrics by NOEL MIO

I've been through some stuff and I'll admit that
Usually I'm hiding perfect visage
But this life's a passage anyway
Before I make it out alive I've got somethings to say
The drop is still an ocean
Purpose takes devotion
Why would you trade a moment for eternity?
Why would you maintain a false identity?

Mr Watchman
Don't turn away
You know that you gotta play your part
Is it only when death for you part
What's the price of a man, I wanna know
What's the price of a man, I wanna know
If he gains the whole world and loose his soul
What's the price of a soul that didn't know?
Watchman, Mr Watchman do your job man
Feed them, won't you lead the, don't you use them
Watchman Mr Watchman

And the thing is, it doesn't really matter how many times you say something
Or even if you shout it, your actions will be louder
Always be louder

Its well done not well thought
You Say so but you do not
These things they won't go away with you
Why you holding on so tight?
Why you holding on so tight?

Let Go
Let God
Let Go
Let God
Let Go
Let God

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About Watchman

Album : Watchman (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Jul 28 , 2020

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