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Can’t Imagine Lyrics

Can’t Imagine Lyrics by NASTY C

I can't imagine my kingly self tryna mingle with y'all
Or talking down on those above me just to fish for applause
They try to come at me only to have me zip up their jaws
I'll pick their business apart, I'll get their children involved
I should cut 'em at their knees, I should cripple you all
I should bury a nigga then tweet, "We're missing you, dawg"
I can't believe you think we even, bitch, your vision is flawed
I'm in a league where you nigga never existed at all
Y'all never knew this was possible but y'all swear y'all deserve it
I've been flying the flag while y'all analyzing my turbulence
Y'all can cross me on purpose but y'all know all of y'all purposeless
I'm the motherfuckin' army, thank me all for my services
You bunch of suburban kids, bitch, you know you ain't heard this shit
When I feel unsatisfied with the game, I refurbish it
Then you sit on my furniture like your grandmother purchased it
Getting too comfortable, hey, watch your words, kid
I keep my weapon on me 'cause I got some enemies
I'ma start confronting nigga right by some witnesses
'Cause God forbid they touch me, then we're all catching sentences
And I don't trust my shooters neither, they're on some vicious shit
We keep our distances, minding our businesses
Smile when they're filming us 'cause we hide behind innocence
'Cause we're poppin' like blemishes
Special treatment at embassies
Here at home and overseas
Sho mata
Sho case (Yeah)
Sho case
Sho case (Yeah)

I can't imagine me at 30 power tweeting in my room
About a dude and being so over the moon about it
While in my bank I'm seeing O's a lot and not the ones we boast about
And post about how I'm making a move about it
Just to be a msoon' about it
And cross my fingers and just hope that he won't have nothing to do about it

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About Can’t Imagine

Album : Can’t Imagine (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Farida
Published : Mar 29 , 2022

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