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This one's for you Miss Sahana!
My love for you is like the most charming angle,
Your face reminds me of love of mom,
Together, we are like lord Shiva and Parvathi.
Oh darling Sana,
My charming Goddess,
My soulmate Sana,
U r my mirror soul,
The perfect companion to my soul.
Roses are red,
Skies are blue,
I like the moon reflection in water,
But not as much as I love dancing with you!
Oh darling Sana,
Your eyes are like generous oceans on a spring day,
You're like the most cute queen to ever walk my soul.
Your soulmate san face,
Your pure soul,
Your generous eyes,
Your cute baby face being...
How could I look at another when our charming angel love is so strong?
I love you Miss Sana


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About Sana

Album : Sana (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Mithesh
Published : May 19 , 2021

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