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General Lyrics by MK LEE

Eeh eh eh eh eh
No no no no no. No. Oooon
Eeh eh eh eh eh

I don't want bad britches to love me                   
No no no no noooh                                                    
I got my one top girl she’s eh eh eh eh               
She say do you go ring a polo  l say no no no noooh
I got plenty wishes on me they are pa pa pa paah  
As l just feel myself like Ama ge ge geenera

I Made this nigas to, hell hate me alot
Because all the time my shiit it's a big shot
I slot this nigas they hate what l got
They show me hard feelings but I don't play dat
That's why always I’m dope on wat l sat
Wen l pull up mk lee they like wat l say
Put my shiit on repeat mode Niga like datt
I'm Coming so hard Nigas trapping so hard
Switching to the world Niga I'm going so high
Although they will fake it but l will go high
Because my world never turn upside down
I'm the king Ama general Ryt now
I made all the bitchie on my shit say wow
Starting from the scratch but the shit is so wow
Asking my self hwo i did it  but I Dont know how
God loves me he prove it everyday
More love in the streets is coming everyday
I'm doing this everyday I got no holiday aah
Wat excite me my mom say it's oky
Play your roll keep the fire burning don't stop
And l will never stop till to the top
Playing my part hard as mom said

I don't want bad britches to love me
No no no on
I got my one top girl she's eh eh eh
With her alway the time Niga Ama ge ge geeneral
With her alway the time Niga Ama ge ge geeneral

Always online
Niga l drop hot line
Four ways all sign Niga  it's mine
In a race niga l used take what's mine
I will never allow any Niga to drop me down
Always in action l will never facedown
My sound overall niga I'm running uptown
Rolling with the game till my money come down
Keep the sound alive dj never shut down
Busy fighting with my talent Nigas I'm so blessed
I don't underrated self Niga I'm the best
5432 Niga l don't rest
Kicking the shit whole day Niga it's a test
I don't feel the pain now devil wanna noo mee
I don't like what he used show show me
Busy taking advantages nigas to hommies
Don't even hesitate don't call me
Don't call me

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About General

Album : General (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Mk lee,
Published : Jul 23 , 2021

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