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On My Own Lyrics

On My Own Lyrics by MG PABLO

I’m on my own - rolling everyday I’m smoking kpo
Nobody gat you bruh if you ain’t frosh
And dem bitches be acting funny when u broke
I’m on a low
Ma nigga i be on my own
Taking shots - I’m heading for the goal
Sometimes I’m fast sometimes I take it slow
Shout out to my friends and all my foes
I’m on the go
Ma badda I be on my own
I be up for mula i grind and I stack with my bro
It’s a matter of time and a unknown nigga be getting known
Shout out the fans wey dy recharge me like a phone
I’m on the road
I gat Nikes on my toe!!!
I am a legend lately I’d be feeling like John
Capping on niggеrs - I’m sailing I swear I dey float
Wetin bе difference between umbrella and raincoat
I’m in my own
Ain’t nobody on my zone
Me I be wanting no stressing
Rather be locked in my session
I want it now - ain’t no patience
Locked in my zone - that’s probation
Woke up - I’m learning my lessons
Took in some winning and losses
Riding unicorns and horses
Stay on my lane - don’t want crisis
I’m on my own (egehdwayeeeeeehhh)
I thought you said u never lemme go
When the chips are don u said u’d be my bone
I wonder why u lettin go of ma throne
I’m on a low
Buh I’m on my own
Takin shots I’m headin for the goal
Niggas ain’t no frog buh gettin toad
Shout out to ma friends and all ma foes
I’m chasing goals
Mehn I’m on my own
Lately I been loosing sleep
Dream about wah we could be
I’m forced to deal with wah I feel
I wish I wasn’t so empty
You wan perfection
You wan attention
Don’t forget I’m human
Don’t forget I’m real
I’m lost in a world whey no dey exist
How u could not be sad in a world like this?
Trust me trust me
I don’t like being alone
When u coming home
I been calling on ur phone
We can make it work 
We can make it work 

I’m on my own - original me I no get e clone
Wetin concern 2face with e comb
I gat e raw juice up inna me comb
I’m on my own
I gotta get me a smoke
Taking shots I’m heading for the goal
Niggas ain’t no frog buh getting toad
Shout out to ma friends and all ma foes
I’m chasing goals
Mehn I’m on my own

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About On My Own

Album : On My Own (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Mg Pablo
Published : Apr 19 , 2021

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