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Violence (Freestyle) Lyrics

Violence (Freestyle) Lyrics by MEDIKAL

Flex, pow
Sturborn, violence
Violence too mu

Make somebody call the ambulance
There is too much blood
Too much drip adey cause too much flood (Yeah yeah)
Schoool no magyae cause I get too much class
All about the green like a vegeterian
Too much grass (Yeah)

Y3de ma mo back to back
Sekof we dey rep for the motherland
Ghana boy buh my money keeps doubling
Like I'm from Ireland
Adey cross US border like Mexican
Plane no y3fa no s3 Uber
Final destination ne y3 Neverland

Mongye me bar menraise 
Exams baa Nyame nti menfaile 
S3 mede nwomtoc no to nky3n  na
Meke y3 barber koraa still menfaile

Hw3 anka what you dey think
If you feel too big berma go to the gym
Y3de rap agye rolle views ne kyer3 
3ny3 sikas3m a menpene fa wo gyimi ko

I got rich friends like Whomadeupdollar
But ano be emmy ratty
Obia Criss Waddle y3 me Godfather
Too much more than Illuminati
Car no 3ny3 pushe start a mendrive
Picture no 3ny3 s3xy a menlike
Fa wo boka no ko kuraa me kuraa 3n3 menhyi

Baabia mefri ba no afei na waduru
Mo rappe sen hwan de3n na mo ahu
Na hwan na 3daadaa mo, mo ahi na 3hy3 mo ho
Nwomto) mmaa mo monko twer3 book 
I'm a plus you are a minus

You are a clown I'm a circus 
Mey3 one man thousand mo no moy3 titus
Monni power biaa mo phone adum 
Ya sa ama mo light off

Dead careers wanna throw shots
3y3 Hublot y3nka no Hublot
Mena mop3 s3 mode promote ma album
Herh 22 6 and loss

Akoa no ay3 hy3 mano cooler
Wode AU b3 compare Fula
Na mep3 s3 meky3 wo hit
Nanso mesesa madwen woy3 fan fooler

Man atop baller body on fleek
I'm in the game like EA Sports
The man commentating talking about me
Don't pull me my G I don't know you
You ain't my brother my mom don't know you
I don't joke with my.... I don't owe you

Like Prince Henry man a royal
Can't see me like John Cena
Imma bark your girl in Argentina
Body body like I be Biola English girl like Fiona

I used put my piece in a shoebox
Now I got bank account cos I'm too hot
Got a G shock but no time for you
I don't think coach like trailers Reebok
Don't mess around I might fuck your bitch
Go crazy in the bank cos I'm stupid rich
No time for leaks and I'm
She said whats my perfume I'm stinking rich

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About Violence (Freestyle)

Album : Violence (Freestyle) (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 09 , 2021

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