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Ungrateful Lyrics

Ungrateful Lyrics by MEDIKAL

I don’t wanna sit face-to-face with this guy
‘Cause it no be worth my time
I no dey fit concentrate, contemplate about the things online
I used to drop the hardest
The baddest the bars wey dey bost their minds
Now everybody figure say I dey chase commercials
Optimus, I’m in my prime
Why you switch up, bar for bar
Nigga you used to go hard
Whenever I read comments, it’s so sad
I listen the new Azonto, too bad

Is it the money of the fame?
Is it the new bitch or the Benz and the Range?
Is it the strip clubs with way you make it rain
I’ve been tryna ask myself what the fuck it is you doing
Fuck is he doing?
By heart boy was a classic
Anthem was one hell of a magic
Too risky was timeless
Now that’s a hat-trick
Connect and Disturbation was priceless
Right now you on the mattress
You wanna make me put you in a casket
Just like trojan horse, you’re a virus
Now you no dey make I see top like a pirate

Hmmm, you finish?
Yea I finish
Ungrateful nigga
Who be ungrateful?
You be ungrateful
Herh, who be ungrateful?
Masa you be ungrateful (Herh)
Commot for there
El chairmano

Who park the Range outside? (Me)
Who made you live in a mansion? (Me)
Who made all your songs blow
Wey you take play shows, wey you take make dough? (Me)
Who wey he get seven nominations wey them no give am award
That’s you not me
Who made you fly in a PJ? (Me)
Who gave songs to the DJ? (Me)
Hwan na ɛmaa Ghanafoɔ daa yɛ?
Best rapper award hwan na ɛde baaɛ? (Mea)
Afrobeats dɔɔso wɔ system mu no
Hwan din na ɔmo bɔ yɛ? (Mea)
Hwan na ɛmaa ɔmo pii ɔpipipiipi? (Mea)
Rapper bɛn na ɛwɔ dough wɔ Ghana? (Mea)
Wobo fuw a, hwan na ɛma wo seresere? (Mea)
Hwan na ekuta punchlines dan ma? (Mea)
Mepɛ sɛ wo tease sɛɛ, rap no ɛnyɛ competition
Rapper ne no season
Rapper ka n’adwene dea, rapper no wɔ reason
Rapper no wɔ feeling,  rapper no nya healing
Rapper no ɛnya hit a, rapper no di beatings
Ɛyɛ rap constitution
Obi tumi de sika promote no rap na yedi no free
Ɛyɛ rap prostitution
Nti na mese mɛka m’adwene any time
Fisɛ menni hit dea menni dough, menni shine
Ɛna sɛ wotumi ma bangers, na sɛ ɛnyɛ crime
Nkwasiasɛm na mekeka no, yɛ kye me a mɛyɛ time
Na sɛ megyina mu deɛ, ano dey see nobody sef
No blue ticks, me ano dey read nobody sef
Wode ahwehwɛ si m’anim a, ano dey see nobody sef
Ɛnyɛ sɛ deɛ woka no emake sense, but my money first bra

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About Ungrateful

Album : Society (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022 Exclusively licensed under AMG Beyond Kontrol through Ziiki Media
Added By : Farida
Published : Dec 16 , 2022

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