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LAMB Cypher 3.0 - The Last Cypher Lyrics

LAMB Cypher 3.0 - The Last Cypher Lyrics by LOOSE KAYNON

Uh! Yeah
First off congratulations
Y'all got another cypher
Cause by my calculations
The last cypher was my last cypher
But aberration -happen and it’s okay
The bag came calling and I picked up for old time sake
Just the beginning, y’all really thought i started flexing
Barely wear my ten thousand dollars necklace, a bad investment
I ain’t got no regrets
Cause money coming every seconds plus
I’m never stopping till I get a statue erected
I’m the hardest nigga out, only one- rapper is hard as me
Some niggas on the chart but we don’t see the cash in reality
But you know when you see me I look at the part
Y’all saying you getting doe but when we see you we know it's cap
And niggas see me wonder if it’s only rap
What else is he doing ?
He bought a Benz and a Lexus
Yo! What else is he moving ?
If I was a female, they gon ask
Who the fuck is he screwing ?
How hard is it to believe I got this shit off the music
Still talking bout COVID bruh you’re just making excuses
Cause your shit can never pop, you claim alternative music
See I think that it’s stupid, it's shitty music
Mix with that shitty promo translates to shitty whatever rhymes with cupid
I told myself I’ll never do this
But I wouldn’t listen
I'm mean, I'm narcissistic
Bother line wicked
I’m slim and got a big foot
You know what shit means
My thing gon' hit the kidneys
God is my Witness
I’m done with all this beef shit
Psyched, I’m still with it
Staring at my Benz, thinking about Nancy Isime
Shawty bad as fuck
Wanna see that booty drop like gravity
Think what I really need is some post nut clarity to-
Clarifying this feeling
She got a nice personality
More importantly
She got nice racks to go with
Down with Sex over Love, I’ll be honoured to do the damages
Number is 0 915, rest in your messages
Yeah I’m done

[Loose Kaynon]
Been in the kitchen like air fryers, she's hotter than ten fryers
We're back up in the booth like spare tyres
Whole crew full of gunners, I'm presiding like ken fryer
Y'all favourite self sabotage and that's how you land bars
Heartfelt depression, I've been coasting see
I cruise through it
I show you the bank balance, You think I'm boasting
You ain't use to it
See Rap money is garbage, I just share my views through it
I'm the connect for distribution
Oh yeah I move music
This is the third installment of the torment for these rappers who see themselves as a pawn and it's mayhem when I get upon it
This smoke is like a text about missed menses
You don't want it
Non conformist to confront ths status quo and shit upon it
Shady dealing forbidden like baby killings
They needed pros for the Job so they brought the NAVY Seals in
They cast us as the villain but that's the role that we're killing
And the Cheque will always clear, it's such an amazing feeling
It's Paper therapy, we let the money relax us
They say everywhere dry, I guess my pocket na cactus
Y'all were popping last year but now the level na cash crunch
I'm devoid of reactions, if you see one dem hack us
I see the signs, be it astrology or dollars bills of how you wannabes dreaming of feating in this [W?]
It's getting spooky how this goofys pull up talking bout stupid till I put a fist to their mouth
Clean up like a toothpick
Check out the swag you know I walk like a ball player
They get it confused until I pull up and it's all clear
I rhyme different you can't see it, fix your cornea
Cause I'm bald head and the rest of the crew -all here
When there's a drought, Y'all go funding
We go hunting
And we lapped you boys three times, Y'all must be slow or something
Blue tick you got the messages confirmed red
So what's up gang
Relaxed brain, Palm head

[MI Abaga]
It’s me again and I humbly apologize
That I’m always this stand out that I can’t be like other guys
You can step into the glow of the sun and can shut your eyes
And then listen to my beautiful voice
Let’s harmonize
I pledge to hip-hop to serve it with soul and might
See how my flows rushing I’ve been bursting like swollen pipes
Jerry Crows flows, obsessed with controlling mic
I come alive, you cross me like I’m the Holy Christ
I’ve sacrificed, see the holes in my palm
You never crucify me though, put your rosary down
Gravity and family, only things holding me down
Tried to kill me, It's a shock
Hopefully you’re around
Mehn, I dey cruise like long beach staying higher than cali natives
Quiet Money in the bags they’re secret like palliatives
Your line no dey register not connecting, you seem outdated
To get the number up, you gon need [? davis]
Last cypher we was on another team
But they were sleeping while sleeping so they didn’t see the dream
New collab of LVMH now the bag is so supreme
We balling freely now some shit you can do in those skinny jeans
Rap head we know you capping bruh!
Too late Y'all
This cypher it feels like the capital like -Suleja
You talking jack shit but please don’t tell lie
You know we shut Twitter down in the -UAR
And oh, one more thing that’s important before I walk out
All my young people, whether you’re a graduate or drop-out
Get your PVC go register for INEC compound
E get some people wey we gats tell them to get the fuck out
Mouth wey chop money con dey panel e con dey chop mouth
Me I no get power to suffer, I no dey work out
If you no got take that for head then make I go block out
Still the baddest rappers in Africa, what are we talking bout?

Fuck that whose the best rapper in Africa shit, It's time to really rap
All dem rappers trash to me now, check dem recent tracks
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, they rocking fitted caps
Sold your soul for a fraction of a penny on the streaming apps
Consider that
How you put a caption on this -I'm on autopilot best experienced from the passenger sit
All that passion that leads to the satisfaction [?a]
That's why their careers keeps collapsing like the national grid -
And that's a blackout
When I put this raps out I bet they pass out
They asking me the source of the beef, I told them cash cows
These rappers tried to put me on a leash and stop my cash count
I snapped they start disappearing like 50 cents eye brows -
How that sound ?
I'm in a glass house you throwing stones at me
All my shit is bulletproof, better send a drone at me
I'm at your dome chappy you're pointing imaginary chrome at me
Has to be those crappy Konami game that got you clones happy
Old habit, die hard
Consider that a plus one
You bought the dip, invested in crypto and now you lost some
Living in a simulation in world that Elon Musk runs
I'm getting paper currency, don't tell me about your doge coins
Whatever alcoholic brand is on the rocks, I'm gonna pop
Petroleum for the flow, crude Nigerian from the oil blocks
And if you wanna dance this body shots will make your body rock
It's my time, You would know if you'd payed attention to your body clock
My blood erupts -for these blogs making up lies for clicks
Baiting you guys, dem cunning radio station guys
My black brothers in diaspora acting rigid separated by colour like white light through glass prisms
Cause of your skin
The ignorance in your activism
You feel superior to African in regards to living
In a world ruled by AI and Algorithm better know where your from, Your DNA might tell you different
The Bible in Ethiopian, the completeness will spread leaving you open for this opium overdose and you dead
And it's back to my man cave
Bruce Wayne shit
I'm rich bitch
We don't wanna hear your number like gun violence statistics
That's dip shit
Still rolling dip
Fuck the curfew
Matching outfit every night like batman's costume
I'm not you
I'm not M
I'm not Loose
My nuts loose
Any rapper can get the fucks smoke
I'm serving hot fumes
(Beats by Jayy)

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