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Say No to Political violence Lyrics

Say No to Political violence Lyrics by LEVI LEVEEX MATHEW

I try to figure out,                                         
Try 2 c the benefits which came from Our stupid reactions                                     
Irealise we not only wasted time,               
We too lost lives of innocent         
Brothers and sisters,                                     
We creared boundaries                 
Between kenyan tribes,                           
We took away lives of the unborn,             
Babis of our near future generation,         
Babies that would have grown             
And become great,                                 
Great just like Martin Luthr the king,   
Bob Marley, Wangari Maathai                 
On n on the list goes...                                                                                                                                                                                               
Look around the lands,                          
You realise we completely                  
Disturbed the peace,                            
Don't you?                                                
The tables that were upright                    
Are now facing opposite direction,            
So much displacement                          
What was full is now a quater            
People left squater                              
Because of peoples' selfishnes                                
 Just because i don't belong                     
To your Tribe u disregard me,                 
You deny me oportunities                     
That i deserve,                                           
You hinder me from geting                     
What am surposed 2 have,                       
Too much Ethnocentrism                          
Is that wat Jesus and the Bible       
Muhamed n the Quran teaches us 2 do? Is that what our forefathers                  
And Mothers of the old advocated 4?                    
 After every 5 yrs, Kenyan citizen           
Show their patriotsm by voting-votin, voting 4 good leders of their choice, 
Ledears that would bring change, Change 2 individuals lives                     
And the nation at large                               
But u leaders go ahead only 2 dissapoint in political ralies u give false points         
You dissapoint, how do u dare Diss us as if were points?                                                                                                                                            


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Album : Say No to Political violence (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Olivier Charly
Published : Jun 08 , 2021


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