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God Body Lyrics by LAYCON

Listen good this is god talking
Talk about designers I'm the god model
God speed so the movement everlasting
God sees to every girl around me here will stay fertile
Tell me who you think I look like, Nobody
Tell me who you think I sound like, Everybody
This is me being a part of you and everyone a part of me
Fuck it if it's all the same
I'm proud of me
God is me and I am Him
This is revelation for beginners
This is flow to walk on water that's a word to Jesus
I wouldn't say nobody saw me coming
You all did but you ignored, the flow sick
The drip is lord, the glow stick, the light is yours
The holy key to heavy doors
Opportunity knocks only when you're closing doors
Flesh and blood became words
Ideas, metaphors, fantasies became a legacy
I'm only gon be legendary hey
I'm on the throne with a white beard
Looking at me, this is Zeus, this is Jupiter, living in me
Two devils on my shoulders cause the angels in me
I am a god in a human body
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God body
God flows
Got those
God smile cause god kinda got jokes
God energy
God chemistry
God doesn't like sharing me
God jealousy

God in my genes that's the true religion
God is just, fair, god believes we're equal
Jesus take the wheel, god is a passenger
God make the tables turn Jesus was the carpenter
For the Music, God traps like it's Migos
For the winners, winners, god gives you Shiloh
For the redeemers, god gives you the go!
My enemies are not my fam
My MFM I got the fire from the Sallah

Hey High level, sky heaven
Intelligence is god level
High level, now you can't come close
This is god level
This is god level
High level
Higher Higher
Now God doesn't meddle in affairs of men

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About God Body

Album : Shall We Begin (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Farida
Published : May 04 , 2021

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