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All Night Lyrics by LAIME

Money comes first 
Family second i no come here to dull, to dull
Say we must impress oh
People don dey dress oh everybody wan involve oh

All night, all night
Say we go faAji tonight oh
All night, all night
Say we go faAji tonight oh

Na before
Na before we dey manya for club oh
But i no do i no do war with you my brother ay
Poverty no go divide me and my family 
Me i must to get money in my life 
Every man must chop
And every man must work
Even unemployed
And every man must ball
Every man must chop

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About All Night

Album : If Summer Happened (EP)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : © 2021 RNO Entertainment Company Limited published by ONErpm.
Added By : Farida
Published : Sep 16 , 2021

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