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LOTR (Leader Of The Revival) Lyrics

LOTR (Leader Of The Revival) Lyrics by LADIPOE

Let me introduce myself
In a way that you will understand me
Nigeria’s best chance of a rapper winning a Grammy
I just wanna get my wife a house, pool and a nanny
Then the only bars I use are the one holding my brandy ( no ice )
Am so deadly on arrival
At a time where simple tweets are now lethal than a loaded riffle
I don’t see the competition in people they call my rivals
But I always see the Judas in people they call disciples
These are all the traits of the leaders of the revival  
Men I see my legacy as the package you can’t recycle
My bars are blessings
Innuendos are weapons loading up my cartridges
Than an old Nintendo collection
No time to be playing games
When I rock a custom jersey
Well that’s the only time that I even play with my name
Basically what I am saying is
You don’t want this smoke
You’re in the wrong section

Nobody can block me  from going in my direction
So I never pray when police stop me at the checkpoint
Cos I know a thousand Naira is a better form of protection
Yeah class in session
Every line is a classic
Am killing them all with tactics
On some Fifa 2020 and Kylian Mbappe passes
So pardon my middle finger
It really need some practice
We really needed to drown them in streams like John the Baptist
Anointing  my community
My latest vaccination gave diplomatic immunity
Who you calling Ladipo
Call me your ambassador
Do it the Savage way mehn
F*ck the table manners
My appetite  on display
I like my dinner in the morning.
Am eating rappers on sway
Pull a rashidi yekini
Today am shaking the net
Never need a shit from rappers
Except their quiet respect
I’ve stopped trying to raise the bars
They’re so easily impressive
Instead I’d rather raise these boys
I need to teach them all consent

Am so skeptical it’s true
You can tell I studied skepta
Cause this boys already knew
My heart broke for Grenfell Towerx
On that day of living proof the only place for any fire
Nowhere else but in the booth

Trust issues from lawyers lies and contracts
And meeting Igbo who look Puerto Rican in contacts
A superstitious man am trying to multiply descendants
By feeding my bitches yams
And make royalty for future
Royalty like Dad, you’re spoiling me
But isn’t that the plan

This society we all wanna to shine
But to show your inner light has a  different meaning entirely
Bar! Yeah

I don’t care. Your homies, your PR, your neighbor,  your manager, nobody has your drive
This is Nigeria at least  we all know there’s no lanes just tollgates  
Everybody has to pay their dues at some point
LOTR, The revival
Leader of the revival LOTR
But you knew that


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About LOTR (Leader Of The Revival)

Album : LOTR (Leader Of The Revival) (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Added By : Regee
Published : Sep 14 , 2020

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