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Hit ADM Remix Lyrics

Hit ADM Remix Lyrics by KRIZBEATZ

(Teni makanaki) 

Tonight oh, we go fight oh
Tonight oh, we go dance o

Pass me the jinja 
Make I do shekpe oh (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna misbehave oh (Loke oh) 
With my love oh

Roko roko roko roko....
Roko roko roko roko....

They wanna calculate
They need a calculator o 
They need a regulator o nah nah nah
They need dancing shoes

Dj, dj, dj, dj

Physically, I'm bad 
Anything I do them like 
Every other song na hit

They wanna calculate
They need a calculator o ...
They need dancing shoes

Dj, dj, dj, dj

Them they sing and dance my song oh
Eledumare bless me see no doubt oh ee
But you know say dem no know me before
Count your blessings one by one

I can't count it at all
Act je, act je je (je, je) 

About Hit ADM Remix

Album : Hit ADM Remix
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 03 , 2020



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