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Time No Day Lyrics

Time No Day Lyrics by KIZI LANBO

Time nor day, time don day wast aaan
Don day waste yea
Don day waste,your hand i day if you leave me na fuck
If you leave me i go down
Make you bless me more bless i need
Your money too much money bless me way go make last forever
If you leave me na die i day
Boys day tear everywhere i day vex i no like am
Bless me make everywhere good for me
Make he no red for me god na beg i day beg
Too much money make i last forever day with my family
Make everywhere good he no red for me

Time don time don day go make you bless me
People don day lough me to much
Make you do am for me make everywhere good doo
Four out better style everywhere go shark ko

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About Time No Day

Album : Time No Day (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Joseph
Published : Jul 28 , 2022

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