Ikechukwu Lyrics by KHALIGRAPH JONES

Ike(Ike) Ikechukwu ike(Ike)
Ike(Ike) Ike(Ike) Ikechukwu

Ey it used to be a dream a couple of years ago
When success don't come and the sweeter grow
Afraid of the future what it the place to hold
Thank God I was able to persevere the cold

Second album what a blessing man am so lifted
But ain't nothing changed this is not different
New era but am sticking to the old mission
I told them hiphop is back but they woun't listen

Now we flexing better than we done in the ages(Ike)
The crowd too much love when we get on em' stages(Ike)
How can I describe this is so amazing
Mum in the background screaming 'We finally made it'

Kipchoge they not even close 
If you not be dropping bars then you dropping sole
Its only logical that's why am dropping coach
Flow heavy as hell I be rocking em' both

So just admit it, am the realest nigga shit and  on the west
The heat that I be spitting got me chilling with the best
Am flipping on this beat am like a killer when I rap
And my drip is off the hinges am the biggest in the West

Then the East and the south, yo Africa what it is
Perfect example of how a nigga handles the biz
Not even American rappers can fuck with the kid
Top 5, dead or alive Ikechukwu you dig?

When I come to the East 
Then what I hear the say(Ike)
And when I go to the South
Then what I hear the say(Ike)

Adnd when I go to the West
Then what I hear them scream(Ike)
The whole of Africa be shouting my name

They say Ike(Ike) 
Ike(Ike) Ike(Ike)
Ikechukwu ike(Ike)
Ike(Ike) Ike(Ike) Ikechukwu

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About Ikechukwu

Album : Ikechukwu (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 13 , 2020



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