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A Trillion Lyrics

A Trillion Lyrics by K SWERVE

Yes okay
Wait yah

I want a trillion not a million
Swerve's flow on vetamin
Oops vitamin
Hop imma coupe
Fuck yo bitch at back
Nigga yah i keep
My mama glizzy on
Yah i keep a permanent glick yuh
Pussy so wet like my wrist
She dropping da addy
She know i pull up
Like la clos in da water
I’m deep in da cut
Like a plastic surgeon
She giving me face
Yes ohk
Dat lil bitch she sweeter than cinnabon
Dat nigga pussy yah he got water gun
Keep me a choppa you know i hit anyone
Smoking on kryptonite higher than s.a.a

Akanabhele lo sisi but still andi dcwali ndifuna ipeace
Baxhaku harda andifuni umjolo i just want the fun oh please
Ndihleli namajitama, sihambe ekseni sibhuye ebhusuku yeah
Yazi amachery they want your attention but don't give you peace yeah
Hai kuzonyiwa namuhlanje kuqhomi imiculo we just having fun yeah
Your energy is fake and your money is fake... That girl is fugeyzi yeah
Wamkelekile to everyone supporting my music i promise i care
I might be a rapper, i might hustler... I really don't know (for now)
Baxhawu harda boy
Umjolo uyanyisa boy
These bitches don't play my boy
Your jordans are fake my boy
I see yall niggas is rapping but yall niggas really just faking
Just give me the mic imma kill the beat
Yall niggas are hating for real for real

Chilling with lifestyle
We killing the beat, we murder for real uh yuh
Uh, jonga le way, yeah
I don't mean to flex i don't mean to brag
Huh, no disrespect yeah
Your shawty she feeling me, she on my dick
Huh, keep her on leach

Hephi lo cherry lo ufassa ngolouie
She on yo dick but her shoes at my crib
Man this is walk in a park i'm feeling this beat and i’m playing on swings yuh
I see how u watching me doing my thing, you stalking huh, don't be a creep

Ye, i'm dropping a ep you know that imma litty
Huh man i'm pushing my limits huh yeah you know you know
That imma litty huh man i'm not gonna miss it

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About A Trillion

Album : A Trillion (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : K Swerve
Published : Jul 14 , 2022

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