Bicycle Boy Lyrics by ICE PRINCE ZAMANI

Bicycle boy
Inna tricycle world
Bicycle bicycle boy
Living inna tricycle world

I’m so black with a black thot
I come from the root with no passport
My name is bigger than astroff
Coz I steady watch over my seeds like a mascot
And jay city taught me how to kill raps
M iya… na man higher for real that
Gimme da light, gimme da kush
Coz I burn bent tire and bitch niggaz can’t deal with that
Nobody be fake, padi no be say
Because you get money you expect say we go pay
50 bottles going down and nobody sey shake
Me and my goons na henny and alize
Party… pretty little kitty wanna nutty
Got a little hit of peter piper pick a peckle of pepper
Na me and you for Bugatti
I’m so fly like a peter pan
Pull up in tha city with a bigger plan
Met a lot of girls and each are fans
All of them ah sing like Aretha frank

(My girl… since 99 me like you
Instantly when me find you
Instantly girl me like you
My girl… since 99 me like you
Instantly when me find you
Instantly girl me like you)

Can I tell you a story
No guts no glory
Person wey dey pay tigthe still same story
E dey tell God say I gatch you next week
Just like a brand new season on Netflix
Oh we… I live my life like a real movie
I puff LL coz I’m cool g
Sue me… yeahh

About Bicycle Boy

Album : Bicycle Boy (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Dec 01 , 2020



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