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God Amongst Men (Intro) Lyrics

God Amongst Men (Intro) Lyrics by HARRYSONG

Uh uh
I’m a god (god)
God amongst men
Number one (one)
I know who I am
They freemasonilluminatti what I wanna do
So they could put me in the box

I know you don’t like me
But you don’t have a choice
The grace of music found me
So you don’t have a choice
You play twinkle style me
Hmmm hmmm hmmm
Industry try to shadow me into the dark room

Wanted me to sell myself
But I gave myself
And I never wanna see me in the vail
Cos I’m a god (oh oh oh)
God amongst men, yeah
I’m a god amongst men

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About God Amongst Men (Intro)

Album : God Amongst Men (Album)
Release Year : 2023
Added By : Farida
Published : Jun 20 , 2023



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