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In Between Lyrics

In Between Lyrics by HAMZAA

Thinking I can swim with the sharks
Get no bites, get no marks
Hoping that you mean what you say
Better back it up, better give me space
Anyway, huh, piping hot like the devils fire on a dinner plate
Cause everybody eating ain’t getting no sleep
You forever dictating but you ain't got a plan

You don't get to be my hero, cause I can save myself (Mmmm)
You don't get to be my God, cause I already got one (Mmmm)
I just need you to be my peace 
Or something In Between (Between, between, between)

(Yeah, yeah yeah, uhh)
See me I don't need saving,
Big bad, too bad and I'm brazen
You're too hard of hearing, bow down or don't ring me
And I don't need that fake love that you bring me
Got a big crown and I'm feisty
Watch me at the tip-top too tasty
And I get it hot better bring your AC
I got an attitude but my talent crazy (Yeahh)

Why you think I need saving?
See me, I'm brazen
Homie don’t like it when I go raving 
I’ll go find better get educated 
I don't need no help

Cos I was born true I don't need fake love, it's irritating
Never give a man my love, be calculated
I won't take no minimum, you gotta give it up to me

You don't get to be (you don't get to be) my hero (my hero)
Cause I can save myself (I can save myself) 
Mmmm (I can save myself) oooo
You don't get to be my God (my God) 
Cause I already got one, Mmmm (mmm)
I just need you to be my peace or something In Between

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About In Between

Album : In Between (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 28 , 2021

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