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Ayy ayy yeah 
Heard you get a man that you are into
Girl it’s the weekend, you could pull up on me
Its getting late, we could make time
Watchu wanna do, I dont wanna stress you
But don’t waste time on these young niggas 
Cause they are not your type 
girl ride my flex and ride my wave uh
Girl you know the vibes  

Low low low oooo on a low o
Nini you already know, I wanna make you wet

So call my phone omo
Don’t you leave omo
call my phone omo
234 omo

call my phone omo
need your love omo
call my phone omo
ayy 234 omo
one time pull up in my condo
no time make I give you condo
take time, make  a nigga choco
body bad make a nigga loco oh oh
if you wanna talk to me 
Honest conversations in my bedroom
baby come dance wimme
got a couple moves I wanna show you ouu

she wanna roll with a bad boy,
whine up,  put it on reverse
she wanna dance with a gangster 
it’s a murder you got a man down

So call my phone omo
Don’t you leave omo
call my phone omo
234 omo


A Propos de "+234 "

Album : Full Moon Weekends / +234 (EP)
Année de Sortie : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 empawa
Ajouté par : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 16 , 2020

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