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Paroles de I dont Need Your money Par VEEBY

I feel bossy tonight…. I don't need your money…I'm an independent lady… Strong lady
I don't need your money… yeah… Hey

U wanna be my baby
U sure you wanna go there papy
If u sure just say Yeah
So I see why u keep calling me all day yeah
So U wanna go down with me
But tonight I wanna make you go crazy
But I don't wanna tchop ur money
You know I'm an independent lady
So I can take care of me

I don't need your money
I don't even need your credit card baby
I can buy my own glass of crystal Honey
So Sit down relax, it's all on me

I don't need your money (I got my own … I don’t need it)
I just wanna have fun tonight (I'm on my own, I don’t need it)
My ladies and me weare strong (We got our own money.. no need it)
Don't feel bad baby, I feel bossy tonight

The DJ is playing my song
You keep staring at me like you've seen something bad
You do realise that I can use you, don't feel bad
Ladies can be weak, but I am strong
So enjoy the music, get on the dancefloor
I am here to enjoy the rythm of the night
But please make no mistakes
I ‘m coming back home tonight alone Not with you!


Hey hey I don’t need it (I don’t need it)
I am on your own (I don’t need it)….
We got our own money…..
We don’t need it cause we bossy…




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Album : The Journey (Album)
Année de Sortie : 2013
Copyright : KVN Productions, 2012.
Ajouté par : Kamerlyrics
Published : Oct 10 , 2017

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