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The Come Up Lyrics

The Come Up Lyrics by ESKY

A clean site turned into a murder scene
Stronger tongue it licks my lust for blood
and the rap surface till its squeaky clean
Dont matter how much of it you drink
You never finna be a real nigga
it aint a magic drink its just a cup of lean
Was too noisy so i had to sit down

Let the trying niggas to be ever seen
They surprised and they asking hold up where you been
Waiting for dumbtrends to die out meanwhile
I was watching the 6th episode of the 7 deadly sins

Maybe taking niggas music links
They been seeing some trash bins
Out of disappointment after trying to listen
While they waited nigga didn’t need to practice
Oh well, Yea listen
Had to spill some blood cause
its rather seen as a smaller and cleaner sin
Nigga maybe im crazy
but the clinic ran out of my type of medicine
Really just tryna earn cash
And sign some papers
That are asking whose my next of kin
Nigga im only just a kid
Nigga imagine if a nigga was waiting on J.I.D
To give him a share of the split
Really nigga?

Yea thats the type of liquid I should spit
See i aint a pussy but i refer to that shit
Huh ye
You niggas think you hitting it right
And you juss keep on missing it
As i sit back and see yall missing the freaking largest clit
Very hard to miss oh well
At that rate the level will keep going lower
Till it reaches across the real niggas dicks
Cleanest closet
Maybe not
Niggas think it will work out
If they keep talking bout a few digits of the triple 6
Huh yea

About The Come Up

Album : The Come Up (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Esky
Published : Jul 22 , 2021

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