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Dear Me Lyrics by EPIXODE

Dear me
This I the voice in your head you’ve never seen
I’ve seen the pretty flowers blooming in your dreams
The nightmare when you sleep
I know you always wish to win
It hurts me when you cry within but hold up
Keep your lighter up
Nobody do it like you do it so embrace yourself
They go tell you bad things make you hate yourself
You free like a bird so remember don’t you cage yourself
Them go try to hate you but fuck it
Keep moving on
Dance to the music of your soul
Keep grooving on
Shine bright like a diamond not a silicon
Keep keeping on
Well tough times ago come but stay strong
I’ve seen you broken and you got up to fix
I’ve seen you fall down to one and you shoot up to six
Even when your eyes closed you never shoot and miss
Forget the hater man
Soon them ago call you for pics

New age like a baby is born
Keep your heart clean even when your clothes them torn
They will try to change you but remember who you are
Even when you gone
Your memories still live on

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About Dear Me

Album : Dear Me (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (C) 2021 Flyboy I.N.C
Added By : Farida
Published : Mar 17 , 2021

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