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Don't Judge Me Lyrics

Don't Judge Me Lyrics by ENO BARONY

Dear God
Comparing my good deeds to the bad honestly, i'm not sure
Cuz i'm a mixture of both good and evil the truth is i'm not pure
There is still so much evil inside that i need to get rid of yeah i need cure
So when you ask me about heaven or hell where i am going i swear i'm not sure
But i don't wanna go to hell
A whole lot has changed i am no longer that girl
I got fans who obey me like they under my spell
They scream my name and it makes my head swell
So i feel like i'm a goddess on earth
I think about death only when i'm not well
I wanna be ready before you ring that bell
Don't wanna be the angel that fell
But they say i am stolen by the devil
The church thinks i'm evil
But when they see me pray and sing the gospel
They plead with god to bring me back to his people
I no sh3da bad cuz somehow i be chrif
But i don't fit in church cus they think i'm a bitch
So they judge me condemn me to the pit
But we all whores though so let’s dig
Gold diggers praying to marry rich men
Pointing fingers at me while i hustle to be a rich wife
Lazy ass men spend all day in church
While i work to be rich and they think is ritual
One thing is i'm a gold digger
Whether high or low i'm ever ready to dig up
As i dey now if what belong to ceaser come reach my hand ceaser sef no go see am
What's for satan is for satan
No matter how polished is for satan yeah
Wo'eni nbri y3 na woo b) mpay3 w) brofo mu
Just be real with yourself and your god
I'm no different
Just happens to be the daughter of a reverend
Sofo) ba mpo nie o we just sinning different
3no na monhuu bi da dia mon prepare me judgment
Cos you messing with my head
Then i start limiting my prayers
Cos i start feeling undeserving
And i pray on my bed i feel like god no go listen
Fris3 3h)aa na me b) me doggy
Damn! Just show me the way
I'm losing track everyday
Why satan go torture people in hell for disobeying
The same god he disobeyed
And i don't wanna be responsible for anybody's life
Cuz i got young girls who wanna be like me
I tell them never ever be like me
Cus i might go to heaven and you may not survive
Hip-hop artists giving out to the needy
Way some pastors are scamming people for their cedis
Y3 gye gye kofi ne ama no de ay3 sh3p33 de da car mu
Na asore mba mpo ndidi y3
You winning souls but i'm touching hearts
But they say the best fruit is always forbidden
This apple fell so far from the tree
Hellfire holy water mon piti
A got angels and demons
All together working for my good
Whatever i do i never dey lose i never be mute
I still confess to you that god is good
My greatness is proof that god is great
The love you show me is proof that god is straight
But who am i to judge if you think god is gay
Guess we all waiting for the judgment day

When i pray he answer
He ma god and ma provider
When i pray he answer
Hrrrr bababababababa
Don't judge me
Don't judge me
Don't judge me
Hrrrr bababababababa
Don't judge me
Don't judge me
Don't judge me
Hrrrr bababababababa
Don't judge me
Holy Ghost fire on my body
Don't judge me
Holy Ghost fire on my body
Don't judge me

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About Don't Judge Me

Album : Don't Judge Me (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Nov 16 , 2022

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