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Emotionally Broke Lyrics

Emotionally Broke Lyrics by DTG BABY

Emotionally Broke
And my mama told me boy you do the most
You keep fighting for these hoes that don't love you
Mom I did it from my heart no benefits
And I struggle everyday tryna make a living
Can't go back to my past Lord I'm a changed man
Boy I know they fckn hate me, I understand
If you a friend to a snake better watch your back

Mama you gonna see me shine you know I'm a star
I did it for my fans the ones I love
It's a freaking ghost world learn to be alone
I been on my grind I hope I blow up soon
Woah woah

She just wanted me for the money
I just wanted her to see the bigger picture
I've been on your page cause I really miss you
You you you young bitches
Rolling with OG's can't move with no fck nigga

I'll be on cruise with the gang we extort niggas
If you got money I'ma put my whole bands nigga
Woah, I cannot loose no trust for you
And if you pull up to my hood I'ma rock with you
I put my homies on the line they in love with you
They in love with you

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About Emotionally Broke

Album : Emotionally Broke (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 27 , 2022

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