Lit Lyrics by DR SID

Smoke up some trees
Don’t give a fuck cos we steady on fleek
We take it higher
Smoking the air  like the  forest on fire
It’s getting loud in here
We don’t even have to wait till the weekend
Me and my goons
Every other day nigger we just wanna get lit

Say we just wanna get lit
We just wanna get lit
We just wanna get lit
We just

Text you the time and the place
Come through and we can get wasted
I’ll be your lapping your stains
Presently these conversations
You got me twisted like dreads
Lately you are my addiction
I know that you feeling the vibe
As am feeling your body vibration
I amma bring the shayo
You can bring yourself
4, 5 friends and nobody else
Sky high club, everybody in attendance
No seatbelt we don’t need  no (?)
Every time you roll up we dey go up
We we don’t need to show how we be go club
Bringing you the fever cos we so lit
Somebody call the fireman we about to get lit

Say we just wanna get lit
Say we just wanna get lit
We just wanna get lit

Yeah yeah

Aburo mi bad boy Egbon mi shoot night
I just want the benefit of money with the good life
People calling me telling me we need to see
Should be calling me the genesis the way am shading new light
Oh the way we setting new heights
We do it for the view and a few likes
I do it for the crew on the new way
You should see that aaa in the moonlight
This is so crazy ( crazy)
A year ago popsie told me don’t be hasty ( hasty)
Nothing like maybe
It’s running the game never running for safety
Don’t be lazy look  at this shit dey don’t know it’s my year
Why is the door looking more like my chair
Because before I blow, I need to get lit
Sooooo lit

Say we just wanna get lit
Say We just wanna get lit
We just wanna get lit


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About Lit

Album : Lit (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Regee
Published : Apr 24 , 2020

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