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Blessing Lyrics

Blessing Lyrics by DK BREEZY

Ye Yea It's your Boy Shabreezy
Ah ah Taste the flavour

This Girl is a Blessing
Mwana Wekwana Mukove
Ndiye anondipengesa
Imbabvu yangu 
Imbabvu yangu
All I want is your love
There is nothing more that I want
Except to have you in my arms
Baby girl I want your heart
You make me happy
Focus on you My baby
Everyday I go crazy
I just want you besides me

You're My Love You're My Love
You Made for Me Baby I'm for you
You're My Love You're My Love
Muroora Wamai Handikusiye
Amai Vakuda Muroora
Amai Vakuda Muroora

Moyo wasarudza iwe
Rudo ndichakupa
Handikamure ndinokuda iwewе
Moyo wasarudza iwe
Hakuna mumwe wandinoda
Moyo wangu baby watora
It's Love
Truе love
I'm gonna give you all my love
Mukuchema tese
Mukufara tese
Rudo ndichakupa Handikamure
Ndinokuda iwewe
Ende hakuna mumwe

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About Blessing

Album : Blessing (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Michael Shaba
Published : Jun 08 , 2021

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