Sometimes Lyrics by D-BLACK

Red Skandi

Sometimes it get lonely at night
I stay up and dream of holding you tight
Sometimes all you need is that one person in life
That make everything better but you constantly fight
Sometimes when your day ain’t ayt
And everything is just dark but you know she your light
And you ain’t sure .., should call her on skype?
Or fake it n Act like everything is alright

I’m tooo good for you
I’m tooo good for you

Sometimes you ask yourself, should you be on your own?
And though you know that you’re done, you feel like you growing
And you wanna just cry but can’t pick up the phone
Cos you did some dumb shit and your pride is in tone
You lay in bed and you moan
Why you confused bout whose right and who in the wrong?
Do you really not matter no more?
Has he moved on? did u have to show him the door ?

I’m tooo good for you
I’m tooo good for you

Sometimes it’s just easy to cry
To tell your friends about it all, but you keep it inside
It’s that part of you, you got too much Pride
And when everybody left you fell asleep and you cried
Now you asking is this Weight that you can Carry?
What’s gon happen to your talks about you guys getting married?
Contemplating if you addressing this badly but
It’s all gone david copperfield, Sadly

I’m tooo good for you
I’m tooo good for you

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About Sometimes

Album : Sometimes
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Apr 15 , 2020

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