Refiloe Lyrics by CASSPER NYOVEST

This is not to complain, everything's all great
Wonder if what I am and what I portray correlates
Issues in my life I gotta sort straight
Mom I hope you don't take this shit the wrong way
See, I ain't come clean with a lot of things
We've always got along and I know that you're wondering
What I'm on about and why I'd put it in a song
But there's a lot of things single mothers doing wrong
And I think we need to talk about it
My dad failed to be the man you needed
But I know you really feel lost without him

Or atleast it looks like it
I really miss the happy times, wish we could go back
But I don't know if you would like it
I know that dad was too safe and he never changed
You wished that he'd become more at a lesser age
Instead he was just a teacher and he was cool with that
But love matters the most so how would you react
If he said he was sorry and forgiveness is a gift
And all of a sudden your ex husband became rich
And he paid more attention to his beautiful kids
And asked you to marry him again
Would it be bliss mama?

This is not to complain, everything's all great
I wonder if what I am and what I portray correlates
Issues in my life I gotta sort straight
Dad I hope you don't take this shit the wrong way
But you could've done better for your family
If you had stepped out of your comfort zone
Into a gallery of opportunities that were waiting for you
All you had to do was wake up and move
I mean you laced me with tools to take over the world
And I wish you could have done the same

The song is not about blame, that is not the aim
Just a couple of things that got me worried
And please don't get me wrong this is not about money
And I know, I don't know what it takes to raise kids
With a woman that loves you but always says you ain't shit
In front of your kids, I mean you're supposed to be Superman
I still say there ain't no nigga that is cooler than my dad
I wish I could boomerang all the weed indulging
But now he got a new wife and I feel lost without him
Man we used to be a team, we were inseparable
I just hope this whole thing is repairable, I miss you dad

It's probably the realest song that I ever wrote
It's probably the one on the album that they'll never quote
I've been thinking a lot lately, things I never post
I've been drinking a lot lately, but atleast I never smoke
Seems like they love the ones where I'm superhuman
I know you look at me for answers but I'm also clueless
I'm also clueless when it comes to things that really matter
Excuse my current behavior but I'm really fed up

I'm just tryna say I'm human too
And all the things that I'm doing are things that you could do
Instead y'all spend your time judging the next man
I hate y'all niggas as much as I hate the tax man
I hate fame, would it be worth it if I did it for wealth?
I know I'm not always right but I'm always myself
And if I change I'll have no one to blame
If anything, the hate should validate that I'm great - Refiloe

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About Refiloe

Album : Refiloe (Single)
Release Year : 2018
Added By : Olivier charly
Published : Feb 19 , 2020



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