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Life Dey Go On Lyrics

Life Dey Go On Lyrics by BRYMO

Once upon a long lost time mama born a saint
Memories no dey to shape my thoughts, no regret, no pain
And all the ladies see me say my ovaries, pretty little baby
Wetin my mama say and everybody dey like rookie
My mama tell me wetin my papa say
When everybody dey work for me for free, I frown
Them shed the tears

E dey go on, Life dey go on
I crawl, I waka, I fail papa
E dey go on, life wheel dey turn, dey go on
I run my broad, for school, for mosque

When I just be little boy e, I go wear my cape
Imagine the fate of the world e dey for my hand
E get time life show me pepper tales
You no know my story, the song I been dey sing

E dey go on, life dey go on
I run I take off
Dem try to shoot me down, I nook them all
E dey go on , life wheel dey turn, dey go on
I sabi the road I talk, them try to keep me out, I buy the bus

And the truth been dey hurt me
E no get shield to protect me
I breathe in, I breathe out, feel alive and say and again and again
Them ditch the bus, them run
The south people bus them run
I fix, I patch, I exhaust
Those wey love to join me, them come

E dey go on, life wheel dey turn, dey go on
I stand for freedom for my life
I love, l laugh, I drive to Winfell ah
To feel alive, to stand proper and to learn
To stand and try, to free my mind, to be wise
To live and style, to take flight, to dey shine
To unlearn, to try again, to win some more, to go far

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About Life Dey Go On

Album : Theta (Album)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Jun 02 , 2022

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