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The Prophet T.B Joshua Lyrics

The Prophet T.B Joshua Lyrics by BRIAN STODDART

Ever since the day his mother gave birth to him, 
Only God knew that the world will never be the same with him breathing in it.
Only the most high knew that he was the most high. 
Glory be to God.

He bilked the devil for God's milk.
The truth that he said in his words made him more than a soothsayer to this world.
Why can't we believe and cherish 
That we were blessed to have have such an exegeter 
Of our generation who could see far ahead, 
 We shouldn't be scared.

The pain and grief we have can't be expressed by our tears, 
Our jeopardy and paril just as he taught that all we desire 
God bears, why should we fear.
May your soul rest in internal peace and your works 
To live for ever and ever, ever, ever amen.

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About The Prophet T.B Joshua

Album : The Prophet T.B Joshua (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Brian Stoddart
Published : Jun 22 , 2021


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