English Translation For Mbog by BLICK BASSY

Anh anh anh

Our people are dying
We pound it
We condemned him
We too have trampled it on
But the strength of the roots will heal him

Anh anh anh
Anh anh anh

Here is the path to questioning
Connect with traditions
That the ancestors left us
We are ignorant
That's why we pound it
But the strength of the roots will lift him up
Our village is dying
We are witnesses but do not move
Wake up
Our wealth is destroyed
The mbombog has fallen
What's going on

Anh anh anh
Anh anh anh

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About Mbog

Album : Mbog (Single),
Release Year : 2019
Copyright: ©2019 Nø Førmat! / tôt Ou tard
Added By: Farida
Published: Jan 19 , 2021


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